Kuriostec2020 Website Services (Trade Name - Kuriostec.com) is a website & a technical service provider, specialize in smaller size companies, located in the Greater Kansas City area.  This organization was created to address the cyber promotional needs of businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations anywhere in the world, particularly the United States.



To serve businesses, churches, or non-profit organizations by providing professional, easy-to-manage, effective websites and other technical services at affordable costs.


Alex Abadayan



We are the Kuriostec Team, consists of well experienced website designers and software developers. In partnership with business executives, church pastors, and organizational leaders, our main goal is to provide you affordable, effective, and easy-to-use websites and business solutions.  Our friendly and service oriented professionals are dedicated to meet your website and information technology needs. Contact us today for more details.



Working Together to Avoid Organizational Irrelevancy—Our Commitment


Many businesses, churches, and organizations were established prior to the popularity and easy access of the internet.  Also, website technology was once quite complicated and difficult to manage. However, many embraced this technology and use it to advancetage.  Today, website technology has become a lot more user friendly. A good news!


Allow your business to get ahead. Get a good website to promote your business organization. Majority connect and communicate through their computers, tablets, or smart phones.  With those devices, they are able to access your information in text, audio, and video at any time or place. Also, they can share your info via social media or emails--a vital tool for finding new clients or church members.


Take advantage of our free services and low prices to own a website.  A reliable professional website would help keep your business/org up-to-date and relevant.  Through your website, people would be able to learn about what you offer, listen to messages, obtain driving direction, or contact you.


Our passion is to help you reach your potential to grow your business or church.  We believe this is important in bringing more people into your organization, or helping you achieve your goals.  Our well trained professionals in the industry are committed to serve you.


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